About Us

Hello! My name is Khursheed Rabbani I am a Fashion designer and an Artist. This is my portfolio/blog in the name of Rabanizz.


I brought it online because I’m sincerely interested to share my artistic & design skills/experience with others, especially for the visual art and fashion design students. To see them up to date about the latest trends, fashion forecast, artisan cultures, fashion design tools & techniques.


Often, freshers in the design field have trouble finding fashion ideas, color ideas, latest trends, Idea generation techniques, and design development processes.

So here at Rabanizz, I will try to end up all your queries about art & craft, retail fashion design as well as the personal label.

I’ve learned a few things over the years about art, apparel designing and its development processes. It would be a great pleasure for me if I can enhance your knowledge & confidence.

  • How to generate fashion ideas from nature, culture and current affairs?
  • How to do color & fashion forecast for the season?
  • How to analyze consumer behavior for color and style?
  • How to interpret global fashion show ideas into the retail fashion market?
  • How to work from design to Fixture plan?
  • How to make a collection based on forecasts and resources?
  • What are the major issues in apparel designing for a season or occasion and solutions?
  • How to create interesting/commercial apparel graphics?
  • How to do color separation & repeat setting?
  • How to make a proper stylesheet/design sheet?
  • How to design a woven fabric, traddle, dobby & jacquard?
  • How to increase your hand sketching and painting capabilities?
  • How to convert a hand sketch artwork into digital art?
  • What are the creative tool and techniques in the field of art & design?
  • Why fashion communication is important for a retail/departmental store?
  • What are the opportunities for innovation in Art &Fashion designing?


Here at Rabanizz, I try to be as transparent as possible. This website is created for sharing art, culture, nature, fashion design knowledge and experience with others.

I will continue to provide awesome free content and resolve your questions as long as I have readers who benefit from it.


Call: +91 9619186918
Email: khursheed@rabanizz.com