We are going to use this picture as a Mood board for our collection.

First we need to study the picture in terms of color, look also we need to observe the season and geographical situation of that place.
colour observation
If you see closely above picture, you can observe some major colour shades are making the entire Landscape with there tint, shade and tones.

So from my point of view 4 major shades are there which I have extracted from landscape Blackish teal, Dark red, Teal and a shade of chrome yellow.

At the time of designing a Garment we will have to keep in mind the season (here its look like Autumn season), color and geographical situation of that particular place.

Graphic board

The graphic board from above Mood board is showing the merging of intense color (blurry look) also the surface textures, age lines and textures

of leaf and woods.

So for the graphic (all over and chest prints) we will explore the detailed view of that place, line art of nature, textures and will try to give water color effect in collection as you can see in the board.
product board/collection

So the final collection is here for above mood board and this is for Autumn-19